A message from Episcopal Health Ministries

Carolyn Tungate, RN, MSN, Parish Health Ministry

Summer is in full swing. The Methodists and Unitarians are cooking each Wednesday to give the other Lion’s Den folks a respite.  Bea’s Boutique had a great sale last month.  I saw lots of full bags going out the door.  There must have been great bargains on already bargain prices.  The health ministry office continues to receive a variety of items to be recycled.  Tooth brushes and toothpaste are always needed if you get samples from your dentist that you don’t use.  If you didn’t get a chance to get the Alzheimer’s information while it was shared in the narthex, it will be moved to the table in the parish hall under the health ministry bulletin board.

This month I’m thinking about the HPV vaccines for teenagers. That wasn’t available when our children were that age. This month our daughter will have cervical LEEP surgery for pre-cancerous cell removal. Consider those vaccines for your sons and daughters.  It also brings to mind the importance of routine physicals and tests.  It was a PAP smear/exam that found the need for further testing. Are yours up to date?  I know I procrastinate.  I can think of a couple exams I have let slide and need to schedule.

Human Papiloma Virus info

July is also the time for vacations.  Vacations can give us renewal of body, mind and spirit, a change in our daily routine.  What are your plans for the renewal this month?  With schools returning to classes the end of this month and the beginning of August, summer vacation time is now or never if you have children in school.  How will you renew yourself? What is God telling you?  Do you have a vacation plan for the spirit too?

Stop.....be still.........listen.

What is God telling you?