Our Service



Sunday Worship services at St. Mark's usually follow in this order. 

  Please use the service bulletin provided for each Sunday for specific information.




The Processional

The Celebrant will announce the start of the service Everyone stands as they are able and sings the opening hymn. 



The opening prayer or collect

Everyone stands as they are able.


The Gloria

An ancient hymn of praise to God.  Everyone stands as they are able and sings.


The Old Testament

Everyone sits as a member of the congregation reads the appointed lesson.  At the end the reader says, "The word of the Lord." The people respond, "Thanks be to God."


The Psalm

After a short period of silence to reflect on the lesson we remain seated and read a selection from the Psalms. The words are printed in the service bulletin.  The Celebrant will announce whether the psalm will be read responsively or in unison.



The New Testament

Everyone sits as a member of the congregation reads the second appointed lesson.  At the end the reader says, "The word of the Lord." The people respond, "Thanks be to God."


A hymn

We stand to sing the first stanzas of a hymn.  During this time the Gospel Book is brought, in procession, to the place from which the Gospel will be proclaimed. The remaining stanzas are sung after the Gospel.


The Gospel

Everyone stands as they are able for the Gospel reading.  The priest will announce the gospel and everyone responds with, "Glory to you, Lord Christ."  During the introduction of the Gospel some people will make the sign of the cross others will not.  It is a matter of personal practice.  At the end of the reading, the people will respond saying, "Praise to you, Lord Christ."



The Sermon

Everyone sits to listen.  Normally, the sermon is about 8-12 minutes in length.


The Nicene Creed

After the sermon, we stand and affirm our faith by saying the Creed.


Prayers of the people

Everyone remains standing as they are able as a member of the congregation leads us in prayers for the Church, the nation, the welfare of the world, the concerns of the commmunity, those in need, and the departed.



Everyone kneels or stands as we confess our sins against God and our neighbor.


The Peace

This is the part that can surprise guests who are not familiar with liturgical services. Here we greet one another in the name of the Lord and wish each person the Lord's Peace in their lives. Usually, a person will greet you saying, "The peace of the Lord be with you." The traditional response is, "And with you."  Do whatever is comfortable.



Birthdays &

Anyone with a birthday or anniversary is invited to come up for a special prayer and blessing. 


Blessings and
the offertory

We sit for this part. The choir sings or music is played as the altar is prepared. During this time, the ushers will walk forward and pass the offertory plates. Once the offertory is collected, the ushers and two members of the congregation bring the offering, the bread and the wine forward. As they begin walking up the aisle, everyone stands as they are able.


The Eucharist or
Great Thanksgiving

We remain standing and the liturgy of the communion service begins.



Once the consecration and the Lord's Prayer are finished, the communion procession begins as people move forward to receive the bread and wine. The ushers will indicate when it is your row's time to receive.  All are welcome to the Lord's Table at St. Mark's. If you wish to receive just follow the others ahead of you. The priest will place the blessed bread in your hand. Some will eat the bread and then sip from the cup of wine as the server presents it. Some hold the bread and dip it in the cup of wine before consuming.  Please use the method you prefer. Afterwards simply return to your seat. If you do not wish to receive, feel free to remain at your seat. No one will pressure you one way or the other. After people make their communion, many kneel or sit in prayer.


 Communion hymn

About halfway through communion a hymn will start. We remain seated and sing this hymn as others finish their communion.


Prayer of Thanksgiving

Everyone kneels or stands for this prayer thanking God for the gifts we have just received.


Closing hymn
and Dismissal

We stand and the altar party recesses from the church behind the cross and torches. 

  Announcements We sit and listen to any announcements
  Dismissal Once the announcements end the priest closes by saying "Let us go now into the world in peace to love and serve the Lord" and we respond by saying "Thanks be to God." We leave our seats and most proceed downstairs to the Parish Hall for coffee hour and/or Adult Forum.


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