On Arrival at the Church



♦  Please park in the large parking lot at the rear of the church. There is handicapped parking available. You will enter the  church building in an area we call the entry-way or narthex. There should be a greeter at the top of the steps (elevator available) to welcome you.


♦  If you are comfortable doing so, speak to the greeter, one of the ushers or any member of the parish and let them know you are a guest. We will take good care of you and be a good host.


♦  Guests are urged to sign the register in the narthex. Don't worry! We just like to have a record that you visited and we would like to send you a note thanking you for worshipping with us.


♦  Before entering the sanctuary, be sure to get a bulletin from one of the ushers. It will help you follow the service.




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