August 2015 News from the Pews

An open letter from Doug Van Demark, Jr.

Dear St. Mark's,

So you probably know that my wife, Abby Van Demark, the author of "News from the Pews" is no longer with me or with us.   She is comfortably in God's hands, and is no longer in pain.  Brenda Sutton asked me to write something about her and her life with St. Mark's.

It began some time in the mid 60s, so we're talking about 50 years.. Abby was very active, serving on the Vestry (was at one time or other Junior Warden, Senior Warden, and Vestry member) -- she was good.  Her hopes were for a good children's Sunday School, Adult Education, and being open to all church matters, the new Prayer Book, new Hymnal, women being ordained, and gay and lesbian acceptance. She loved all things including me, her children, grand childrend, and great grandchildren.  What a wonderful legacy she left.

I especially want to thank St. Mark's parish and family for your wonderful support throughout the past twelve years of Abby's illness of multiple myeloma, and especially in the past couple of weeks.  Thank you for all your love and wishes.  I am so lucky to be a part of St. Mark's.  You are all wonderful.


PS - Abby's last efforts were to create a library, which is still an unfinished project.  Thanks to the Vestry, they have decided to name what has thus far been created by Abby in her honor.  Thank you, St. Mark's, for recognizing her efforts.